Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Edward R. Murrow Fellowship

Edward R. Murrow Fellowship
Each year, the Council offers a resident Fellowship for a foreign correspondent or editor of international news for an English language medium. Named in honor of Edward R. Murrow and funded by the CBS Foundation, the Fellowship gives the recipient a period of nine months for sustained study and writing, free from the usual pressure of deadlines that characterize journalistic life.

More Information (56K PDF)http://www.cfr.org/content/about/fellowships/murrow-fellowship_info.pdf

Some former Murrow Fellows are:
*Mohamad Bazzi, Bureau Chief, Middle East, Newsday, Manjeet Kripalani, Bureau Chief, India, BusinessWeek, Jane Arraf, Senior Baghdad Correspondent, CNN; Mary Anne Weaver, Foreign Correspondent, The New Yorker; Kathy Gannon, Bureau Chief, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Associated Press; Celia Dugger, Co-Bureau Chief, South Asia, The New York Times; Calvin Sims, Tokyo Correspondent, The New York Times; Jaime FlorCruz, China Bureau Chief, Time; Marcus Mabry, Africa Bureau Chief, Newsweek; Elizabeth Neuffer, European Bureau Chief, The Boston Globe; Adam Schwarz, Hanoi Bureau Chief, Far Eastern Economic Review; Anne Garrels, Moscow Bureau Chief, National Public Radio; Ann Cooper, South Africa Correspondent, National Public Radio; Caryle M. Murphy, Middle East Correspondent, The Washington Post; Rose Brady, Moscow Bureau Chief, Business Week; Marguerite Michaels, Africa Correspondent, Time; David J. Remnick, Moscow Correspondent, The Washington Post; Louis Kraar, Bangkok Bureau

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